2016 in review: April - June


I was TRES excited to start my new job - after a month and a half of intense job hunting and international travel I was totally ready for some routines. I'd landed my dream job at a boutique agency in Shoreditch, manning the accounts of a portfolio of clients dominated by startups, and I went in full on, with everything I had. Things outside work were pretty rocky on several fronts so work, and working out, kept me afloat. We hosted the hen do for one of my best friends, who also announced she was pregnant(!). Tears all around. At the end of the month Embo and I flew off for a lavish weekend in Vienna. We also took the train out to the Alps, where we climbed the highest mountain of the lowest Alp (or something?!).


Things kept on being pretty rocky as May entered, but at least the sun came out to play. I spent many late evenings in the office as the work weeks started hovering somewhere around 60 hours, and my poor PT had to take the brunt of everything that was going on as I only ever had the time to release all kinds of emotions (and tears) when I saw her. Nevertheless, life went on. We hosted a big party for Eurovision Song Contest at our house, and I was interviewed by BBC (on Snapchat, very millennial) on the importance of it for Swedes. At the end of the month we flew off to a chateau in France to celebrate one of my best friends' wedding, where we - wedding aside - did nothing but drinking loads of vino, taking baths in the bedroom(!) and playing tennis all day long.


June was dominated by trips to Sweden. I flew from France to Stockholm, with a 17 hour short pit stop in Brussels to see Ingrid. Once in Stockholm I worked from a client's office and got to see my Stockholm bmfls before we roadtripped down to Gothenburg. I managed to get a ticket to Håkan Hellström's Ullevi gig after a considerable amount of hustling, and the entire trip made me wonder what life in Sweden might look like. It was also the month of Britain's EU referendum, which I wrote about here. I was contacted by Swedish media and told them what continues to be true to this day - "no one really knows what's gonna happen". I wept for my country when I woke up to Nigel Farage declaring "UK independence" on June 24th, but luckily I was in the Swedish archipelagos with my Swedish best friends. We had a glorious weekend celebrating midsummer together, and for the first time in over eight years I seriously considered moving to Sweden.