Help someone else look ridiculous in their graduation photo

I cannot begin to describe how lucky I was, and how lucky I felt, to get into SOAS for my undergraduate degree. It changed me fundamentally and although I look like a dick in my graduation pic (see below) I really do think SOAS un-dickified me.

Me, graduating with a BA in Politics and Development Studies from SOAS, Uni of London

Me, graduating with a BA in Politics and Development Studies from SOAS, Uni of London

I've decided to head over to Palestine in March 2017 to go for a bit of a jog (half marathon that is) to raise cash for The Saïd Foundation, a foundation that helps young adults in the Middle East come to the UK for their post-graduate studies. SOAS is one of their partner unis, among the likes of Oxbridge, Durham, Birmingham etc.

2016 was a bit shit and as the world tries to shut doors, I reckon we should try and keep as many as possible open. Studying abroad is a brilliant way for both visiting and hosting cultures to meet. Cultural exchange through studies is also currently under attack in the UK, so I'd like to support the young adults in the Middle East that want to study in the UK. I'm hoping to raise £350, which feels pretty modest tbh - I hope you'll give a helping hand.

Also I've never run further than 10k in my life so this should be hilarious for everyone involved!

Open yer pockets for a worthy cause - details below - and I'll do my best to finish the Palestine half marathon. Obvs I'll also post weekly updates on the blog - I have a weekly training schedule which I'm planning on following pretty religiously so stay tuned for the blood, sweat and tears that are yet to come!

Sandy xx

Payment details:
Sweden: Swish to 0734349932
UK: Paypal to

ps - I'll obviously post a receipt on this page once the donation to The Said Foundation has been made.