Tonight I went to an event in Rosengård, the outskirts of central Malmö. Rosengård is mainly known as the place where Zlatan (<33333) grew up, or if you're Fox News you're likely to know it as a war zone. I would say "lol" had it not been for the fact that such press coverage about places like Rosengård contribute to a divisive society and paint an inaccurate and dangerous picture, where instead we should pursue dialogue between different groups in society.

That said, Sweden is pretty segregated. And as most tech scenes around the world, ours is pretty white (or as one friend put it - male, pale and stale). orten.io is looking to change that by bringing inspiring tech people originally from the suburbs back to the suburbs to show people that are still there that they have plenty of options to pursue a career in tech, if they want to.

Although I'd hoped to see a slightly bigger and younger crowd, it was brilliant, and the speakers were terrific. Amongst others, we heard from the CEO of medtech startup MinDoktor, Sweden's General Manager of Uber, as well as my personal favourite Mohamed Jimale, the CEO and founder of ari.farm, which is THE BEST STARTUP I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS.

Here's the elevator pitch: invest in a goat in Somalia through the ari.farm app. The goat will then have babies, which you own and can either keep or sell at the local market, or to other investors, all managed via the app. And what if the goats are killed/stolen/injured/etc? No problem, ari.farm will replace it for free. And who looks after the goats? Local Somali nomads.

My inner humanitarian is jumping with joy. Pure brilliance. And looking at it from a marketing perspective, the opportunities are endless and endlessly fun. You can do so much with so little. Just look at this tweet:

I mean I basically can't even? So yeah. Great evening. I'm looking to buy a goat as we speak.